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  How it started.

Years we had searched for our dream house. A house with much space for our four children and our hobby, the horses.

After much work the horses could stand near the house. Now of course we wanted a dog. There became a discussion about the dogs race. Will it become a jack Russell? But a Scottish terriėr was also nice. It became the Jack Russell, named Jack. (Yes, most of the votes counted in a "democratic" family.) Jack got a friend, our German shepherd Max.

  There came a couple of chickens, goats and we adopted a cat, but the Scottish terriėr continued to draw us. Eventually, you understand it, however, came our first schot Ashley.

Ashley was the tribe mother of the Knibbelfarm, because at certain moment we wanted gladly to breed. We called breeders for advice, Ashley were covered and after nine weeks Ashley got five puppies. We were proud an loved our first nest of puppies very much. We kept one of the puppies an her name was Angel. Because she looked like an Angel to us. Also Angel got puppies and the rest u you.
I am still very glad that Ashley had come to our family, because Then we had missed pleasure. Also the beautiful and tense events of getting a nest is very dear to us. Everytime it’s a pleasure to see how our puppies go to live with there new owner after we took care for them with so much love. The new owner goes further with where we have remained and has a nice dog in house.

This is how we started and its also way we hope it continues like this for a long time.